Our Story...

Throughout the history of rock and roll, many bands have come and gone.  Like the passing decades, most of these bands fade from memory. Some bands, however, stick around to grow, evolve, and consistently produce timeless music that crosses all cultural lines. The Foo Fighters are one such band. The guys in Hey Johnny Park! recognize this and strive to bring that same raw energy to the masses when the Fighters of Foo are rocking elsewhere. Covering the 20+ year long career of the Foo Fighters, HJP! works tirelessly to bring the Foo Fighters songs and sounds to the stage for multitudes of fans.

Hey Johnny Park! began in the dining room of lead vocalist/guitarist Jeremy Polley. He was jamming on some acoustic guitars when an idea began to form: paying tribute to one of the greatest modern rock bands, and tearing up stages in the Southeast. Recruiting bassist Morgan Johnson was the next step, and work began on finding the perfect drummer to round out the quartet. Enter Jason Summers, the man behind the skins. Philippe Herndon stepped in to fill the role of lead guitarist From the radio hits to fan favorites and deep cuts, they began to hammer out the setlist that has made HJP! a success with audiences.

Jeremy Polley (Dave) is a classically trained musician/instructor with a Gibson in his hand, Caroline Guitar Company effects at his feet, and pipes that will melt your face. We would tell you what Lucas Johnson (Shifty) does, but then we'd have to kill you! Morgan Johnson (Nate) is a music instructor in SC by day and holds up the bottom end while rippin' bass riffs on his Fender P Bass by night. Jason Summers (Taylor) is seasoned pro with years of experience, and holds things down on the drums. From the moment these four guys jammed together, the chemistry was right on, and the journey began.

Whether you have seen the Foo Fighters a hundred times or none at all, the HJP! boys will bring you the goods. From "I'll Stick Around" to "DOA," and from "Everlong" to "Run," they hit every album and strive to pay tribute to four of the best musicians (and performers!) on earth. Don't miss Hey Johnny Park! coming your way soon!

About The Guys...

Jeremy Polley (Dave) plays Gibson Guitars, uses Caroline Guitar Company effects pedals exclusively, D'Addario strings, Line6 Amplification, and Clayton USA guitar picks.
Lucas Johnson (Shifty) plays Fender and Gibson guitars, uses Boss and Moer pedals, and Vox amplification.
Morgan Johnson (Nate) plays Fender basses with Carvin Amplification.
Jason Summers (Taylor) pounds the skins.
The rock show is fueled by Jagermeister and Red Bull!